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The Team in the Baby Room is lead by Ellie. As far as possible, all staff in this room are qualified educators with experience in working with babies. The room is staffed at a ratio of one educator per 4 children, so babies receive a large amount of individual care and attention. We take babies from birth, and they stay in this room until they are confidently walking (around 12 to 18 months old).

babies glandore child careWe concentrate on developing each child’s trust and sense of security with us.  We aim to provide care which is an extension of your home routine. Please give staff as much information about your child’s individual needs, interests and development. Also tell staff if anything out of the ordinary has happened at home. Your child’s individual routine is incorporated into our daily program, so that individual needs and preferences can be catered for. Staff will tell you on line, and by conversation at pick up time, about your child’s day and activities.

We encourage each child’s developing physical skills, and allow them to try self help skills. Each child is observed, and individually planned for on our program. We encourage families to give us feedback about our care routines, and programmed activities.baby room glandore

The baby room has a sheltered outdoor area, covered with UV protective shade cloth. Each baby has an individual care routine, which follows closely the home routine. We provide milk and suitable fresh food for each child’s age and stage.

Weglandore baby sleep have sound and video monitoring in the separate sleep room. All children are encouraged with self help skills. They can sit in special supportive chairs at a low table for meals and activities.