Health and Nutrition

We actively promote the health, and well-being of children in our care.

Staff are trained annually, to care for children with specific health requirements such as asthma and anaphylaxis. We are a nut free centre for children, staff and visitors. Please do not give your child nut products such as Nutella or muesli bars immediately before attending the Centre, as this could be dangerous for children with severe allergies. If your child has additional health needs, discuss these with the Director. We will develop a Health Care Plan with you and your doctor, which will be implemented for your child.

We understand that having to take time off work to care for sick children causes stress for parents. Our health care policies have been developed to keep infectious illnesses to a minimum in the centre . All children or staff who are ill with an infectious disease, listed in this document – Exclusion Periods for infectious illnesses – must not to attend the centre for the stated period. Consult the Director for more information about your particular circumstances. We have specific guidelines for not accepting, or asking parents to pick up sick children. Check our relevant policies.

We have very high standards for hygiene practices. Floors, surfaces, toilets, basins, change tables and toys are cleaned frequently. Linen is provided for each child, and it is washed weekly. Staff practice and model good hygiene habits. Children are taught hand washing, hygienic toileting and nose wiping.

Parents should be aware of the immunisation requirements of the government to access Child Care Benefit. If you miss scheduled immunsations, your benefits may be cancelled. Please notify the Centre when your child has new vaccinations so we can update our records.

We believe that adequate sleep, rest and relaxation are requirements for optimal health. Discuss your children’s needs with the room leader. If children do not sleep, we have a rest period after lunch. This may include quiet activities or relaxation methods.

We are aware of children’s nutrition requirements, and the menu is carefully planned by the Director and the Chef. Individual food requirements can be catered for. We supply milk and dairy foods, fruit and healthy snacks. Children are encouraged to try foods, but can have an alternative meal if needed. Meals are times for socialisation and self-help skill development. Children in Kindy and PreKindy can prepare their own fruit. Educators promote healthy food choices as part of the daily program.

Promoting children’s physical activity is also part of promoting health. Studies have shown that physical activity benefits both children’s growing bodies as well as their brains. We have a wonderful nature area for the children to explore, bike tracks, sand pits, climbing equipment and obstacle equipment. The rooms (including the Babies), are set up to encourage a flow of activities between inside and outside. We also plan regular music and movement, particularly in wet weather.