junior toddlers glandore child careJunior Toddlers

Kelly leads the team in the Junior Toddlers room. The room is staffed with the ratio of one educator to four children. We provide a warm, caring, safe, happy and nurturing environment, which stimulates all areas of development at an appropriate ability level.  The high ratio of educators to children, ensures the children have lots of individual care and attention, and can have individual routines. Most of the educators have been at the Centre long term. We graduate children from the baby room when they are walking confidently.junior toddlers glandore child care

It is a priority to provide an environment where these very young children experience a sense of well-being. They need as much consistency and continuity of experience as possible to develop trust and the confidence to explore, and to establish a secure foundation. Although they can be flexible, normal routines assist children to anticipate and predict events, which also helps to develop trust. They are developing a growing sense of social relationships, and learning how to relate to other children and adults.

Junior Toddlers are encouraged to attempt self help skills, and begin to develop independence. Time is allowed for them to attempt skills such as helping with their dressing, washing hands, setting up meals, putting away toys. The Junior Toddler Room offers a wider range of both fine and gross motor skills, with activities flowing between the indoor and outdoor area.junior toddlers glandore child care

We observe each child carefully, and plan educational activities which are based on the children’s developmental level, and their interests. All activities are play based. Children’s play choices are respected, and we value play as meaningful learning. We encourage the development of thinking skills and problem solving. Art and craft, music and movement, language development, and learning about the environment, families, communities and cultures are part of the program. 

We have a sleep and rest time each day, although this can be varied to suit individual children’s needs.  We have video and audio feed from the dedicated sleep room giving increasejunior toddlers glandore child cared safety, although the educators still check on the children frequently. 

The outdoor area gives children more freedom to explore and increase their physical skills. Junior Toddlers have access to the Toddler yard and sandpit, and the Nature yard when not in use by older children.

Please give educators as much information about your child’s individual needs, interests and development as possible. Also tell them if anything out of the ordinary has happened at home. junior toddlers glandore child careYour child’s individual routine is incorporated into our daily program, so that individual needs and preferences can be catered for. Educators send photos and learning stories to you by the App, and share information by conversation at pick up time, about your child’s day and activities.

Each child is observed, and individually planned for on our program. We encourage families to give us feedback and comments about our care routines, and programmed activities.

Children usually move to the Toddler Room when they have turned 2 years old.