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Emergency Calls National Access 13 11 26

Police and Emergency Services 000

Government Departments for Family Issues and Children’s Services

Department of Education and Child Development (DECD)

  • Oversees early childhood care and services for South Australian families
  • Provides services that benefit children and families
  • Lead and manage South Australia’s education system

Department of Social Services – My Child – Federal Government

  •  Information for child care providers and licensees, families and community and staff.
  • Information about Child Care Benefits, and quality Child Care

Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority

  • For information on the National Quality Standard

Department of Education and Training

  • For information on policies for Early Learning and Child Care Centres

  • Information on Early Years Learning Framework and My Time, Our Place

  • Legislation, ratings and standards information on the National Quality Framework

Department of Social Services

  • Helps to support families and children through programs and services and benefits and payments

Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

  • Helps people who, through circumstance, may be struggling financially, at risk of harm, or isolated.

Department of Human Services

  • Family Assistance Office: Child Care Benefit payments/rates
  • Centrelink and Medicare

Legal Issues – Family Court

  • Through its specialist judges and staff, assists Australians to resolve their most complex legal family disputes.
  • The Family Court website includes information and resource sheets in plain English relating to family law.

Privacy Act

  • Information about privacy policy

Consumer and Business Services

  • The Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA) provides accessible services and information to business and consumers.

Parenting and Children’s Health

Raising Children

  • Government supported information about many issues for parenting and children’s health and wellbeing.

Child and Youth Health

  • Information for parents and other carers of young children on general health and other child care issues.

Parenting SA

  • Promotes the status of Parenting, and the importance of effective parenting practices. Information about Parent Helpline, and Parenting Groups.

Healthy Eating

  • Information on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for children.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

  • Information, news and publications relating to health and medical research.
  • The NHMRC publishes the manual “Staying Healthy in Child Care”.

Kids Health Info Fact Sheets

  • (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne) contains more than 400 Australian and 370 International website links.
  • These links give up to date information for professionals and parents interested in the early childhood years.
  • Downloadable copies of Childcare and Children’s Health Bulletins and Parent Fact Sheets on multiple topics – all available in 6 different languages.

Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia

  • Dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries and reducing the resulting deaths and disabilities associated with childhood accidents in children under the age of 15 years.

Product Safety

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

  • Keeping baby safe – a guide to nursery furniture.

Safe toys for kids

Non-English speaking resources

Translations for Health Issues
Health Translations Directory

  • Search information on subjects, then choose your language.

National Translating and Interpreting Service

Learn English

Resources additional to the above

Network SA Resource, Advisory and Management Services Inc.

  • Training for staff. Network SA management support, supports effective management and governance of centre based child care and outside school hours care in South Australia.
  • Advice, support and information about financial management, human resource management, leadership, and administration issues.
  • ARMSU Cultural Awareness Team, supports the inclusion of Aboriginal children in mainstream centre-based child care.
  • Support Aboriginal families to access care for their children; directors, operators and child care staff to create culturally aware and welcoming environments for Aboriginal children and families; and child care workers to provide culturally and developmentally appropriate care and education programs for Aboriginal children.
  • Staff training, cultural experiences for children in centres, and resource library and book and equipment sales.
  • A subscription industrial and legal accountability service for managers of children’s services in South Australia

Early Childhood Australia

  • Works with Government, early childhood professionals, parents, other carers of young children, and various lobby groups to secure the best range of options and outcomes for children as they grow and develop. L
  • Links to many other organisations, search on topics.

Gowrie Adelaide

  • Provider of children’s services training, development, resource and advisory programs; includes a specialist bookstore for children’s services.

Inclusive Directions

  • Specialised children’s services organisation that advocates and works with families, children and communities of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to enhance their participation in child care services.
  • Assistance with additional support for special needs, or children from non-English speaking backgrounds. Training and information on multicultural subjects, and resource library.

NHMRC publications

  • This page has NHMRC publications to download including a full copy of “Staying Health in Child Care: Preventing Infectious Diseases in Child Care”.

SafeWork SA

  • Responsible for administering industrial relations legislation and managing all occupational health, safety and welfare functions in South Australia.
  • This site includes copies of industrial awards (e.g. child care (SA), clerks (SA) and rates of pay. It also has many useful and informative publications to download.)

Fair Work

  • Information and advice about Australia’s workplace rights and rules, including awards and national employment standards.