Baby Room

Our Baby Room provides a happy, warm, loving, nurturing environment which is an extension of your home care.

Families can be confident that each child’s wellbeing, individual requirements and routines are our focus. Our experienced educators collaborate with families so they can provide optimal care for each baby. This individual care promotes a sense of security and trust in the babies who thrive in our environment.

There are a limited number of places in the baby room, so we can give each child dedicated attention. When babies are confidently walking, they move to the Junior Toddler room. This keeps young babies safe, and their care and routines are the focus of the baby room.

Babies quickly develop social, physical, language, thinking, creative and self-help skills through our carefully planned supportive program. Children are individually observed, and our qualified educators encourage appropriate activities to assist them to develop in all areas. We have specialised outdoor and indoor areas and Montessori inspired equipment. Our babies have the freedom to explore and interact with educators and other children. Babies’ learning is further enriched by music, singing, rhymes and stories.

We seek communication with, and to receive feedback from families continuously, as families know their children best. Parents can feel assured when leaving their children, knowing that they will receive updates, photos and messaging daily through our specialised Seesaw App. Further information is exchanged on drop off and pick up.

Our facilities include a separate sleep room with video monitoring, a sheltered enclosed outdoor area with UV protective shade cloth and special supportive chairs at a low table for meals and activities. We welcome mothers who are breast feeding, and provide milk, fresh fruit and balanced meals to suit each child’s requirements and age.

Orientation visits before commencing care, allow you to experience our nurturing environment. Educators will ask about all aspects of your child’s routines, heath, development and any additional care needed. Parents can be assured of our ongoing attention and care for each child’s optimal development.