School Ready Kindergarten

Our happy, lively Kindergarten Program is approved by the Department of Education and Child Development and has the Universal Access Program.

Our experienced Early Childhood teachers Liana and Annette, lead the program, with other qualified Educators. For children who are in the last year before school, we focus on School Ready skills, dispositions for learning, self esteem, communication and social skills. Our Educational Programs were judged as exceeding the National Quality Standard at our last assessment.

Patterns Brooklyn Kindy

We assist the children to develop the skills, dispositions, social and emotional attributes which contribute to a successful transition to school. Studies have shown that children who possess these skills, have an easier transition to school, are more likely to achieve long term academic success, and have positive social interactions at school. We co-ordinate with local primary schools, and the feedback we receive from the Reception teachers is that our children are “more than ready for school”.

Children bring their diverse experiences, perspectives, expectations, knowledge and skills to their learning. Educators help to develop children’s social skills by building trusting, responsive caring relationships with each child. Children develop a sense of belonging, and self-esteem necessary for them to make meaningful connections with other children and adults. Our “Friendliest” environment fosters happiness and well-being, which promotes children’s ability to learn, and participate fully in the program.

We value each child as a unique individual, and encourage their curiosity. Children develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. Children try new challenges, make new discoveries, and happily celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others.

Our Unique Curriculum covers a wide range of areas including – literacy, maths, science, physical skills, art and creativity, music and movement, social and emotional development. We aim to promote well-being, self-help, collaboration, and independence.
The curriculum offers a unique mix of educational philosophies and methods including a
Montessori Program which is integrated into the daily activities. Montessori materials lead to the learning of abstract ideas, through the correct use of concrete materials.
When using the Sensorial Materials, children are guided with sequential learning experiences. Self help skills promote independence and self esteem. In our Kindergarten, children have fun with busy and varied learning experiences.

Excursions to the library, parks, neighbouring schools and other locations of interest are part of the program. We also have visits from various community people such as the Fire Brigade, Burns Trust, Dentist, and organisations who bring farm animals.