Toddler’s Room

The team in the Toddlers’ Room, aims to provide a happy, warm and secure environment where each child will thrive.

Children in this room are between two and three years old. The room is staffed with one Educator for five children. This high ratio ensures that children are given a large amount of individual attention, and are supervised well. Educators wish to promote partnerships with parents, so that we can continue home routines and learning. We ask for parent feedback on children’s interests, so we can base our programming on these, as well as on our observations of each child.

In this environment very young children experience a sense of well-being. They develop trust and the confidence to explore, which establishes a secure foundation for learning and development. Routines help children to anticipate and predict events. We encourage social relationships, and understanding how to relate to other children and adults.

Educators nurture the children’s social and emotional development to enhance their well-being, and trust. They talk to children about how their friends are thinking and feeling, to encourage empathy, and care for others. Self-help skills, and the promotion of independence are a big part of the programs and routines. Educators see children as being capable, creative, curious, and eager to learn. Children are encouraged to develop thinking skills through activities such as reading, drawing, construction, dramatic play, art and craft.

Educators help children as they learn to recognise and understand how their bodies work, and encourage children with toilet training, feeding, and dressing. We encourage all aspects of physical development, both whole body, and fine motor skills with fun activities. Children enjoy lots of outdoor play in the sandpit, with bikes and balls, and exploring the nature yard. Fine motor skills are developed with the use of the educational equipment such as blocks and puzzles, and through drawing and painting.

All learning happens in a play based environment. Each child is observed closely, and Educators record the children’s progress. They share this information with parents at pick up and drop off, and send photos and learning stories through the Parent App. They also focus on literacy and language development, with experiences such as listening to stories singing, group times, and imaginative play.

We have a comforting environment for sleep time. And provide a rest time with quiet activities for those who do not sleep. Children are encouraged to try foods on the menu, and to develop healthy eating habits. If necessary, we can provide alternative food.